My Tree Style ~/.bashrc (show me yours)

This my new .barchc (tree style). You can use it by copy and paste it into your ~/.bashrc
It will work on all the tty (Ctrl+Atl+F1)
#Tree Style by Salem R. case "$TERM" in xterm) PS1="┌─$(uname -o)───── $(acpi -t -f) ─────\${fill}───── $(whoami) ──┐\n│\n├────$(who -q)\n└────=[ " ;; screen) PS1="┌─$(uname -o)───── $(acpi -t -f) ─────\${fill}───── $(whoami) ──┐\n│\n├────$(who -q)\n└────=[ " ;; *) PS1="┌─$(uname -o)───── $(acpi -t -f) ─────\${fill}───── $(whoami) ──┐\n│\n├────$(who -q)\n└────=[ " ;; esac


  1. acpi is missing on a raspberry pi, but otherwise it's pretty cool!


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