My newest Futuristic Desktop

This design is so new, I don't even have a name for it yet. Leave me your comments.

video link


  1. Nice one dude but can you help me configuring my linux so it looks exactly like this or the matrix one. I don't have so much experience with linux ;)

  2. Is there a How-To on how to do it from a standard linux install?

  3. Things for a sci-fi movie, nothing for productive work.
    Looks cool, though.

    1. This isn't some fake VFX. All the Linux productivity apps are available to use.

  4. Really cool man, excellent work!
    But i´d like to say that there's a lot of VEIL on that theme. I mean you need to add more contrast between the "ambien" and the "windows", its hard to watch what's happening.

    On the other side, i have an idea, might it would just needed to make translucent all the desktop/windows from the ubuntu main installation, with the "ambient" tunned to seems like the one you are developing, i think.

    Regards man, still rockin'on!

  5. waiting for you to publish it man!!!
    it's so cool!! Eager to use! :)

  6. Looks cool but the author, Mr. Salem R., misses the spirit of linux: sharing with others. If everyone, from Linus Torvalds to the creators of Gnome and all the great free linux software, just showed you the good stuff on Youtube but never really shared it with you, how would you feel, Mr. Salem R.? Maybe like many readers of your posts, waiting for months to get some meaningful how-to from you and getting nothing but some confusing mumbo-jumbo. What is the point of posting this, really? To show everyone how great you are? You may be great, but you are alone in the linux community and never really understood what linux is about.

  7. hello sir.... where can i download it... can u please give me link... :)

  8. will you ever publish this on git or as a source download?
    People know you and your work so let other extend or mod it to suit their needs?

    I check back, but I'm guessing someone else will redo and release and they will be the one who gets the credits in the next hollywood movie or linux mainstream press release.

    Great work, hope you keep it up.

  9. Dude, why don't you share the UI ???!!

  10. This looks amazing. Really cool. I have the same question: Are you going to share how you did it, or anything else about it? I am sure a ton of people that have no creative talent of their own (such as me) could use the help, and the howto's


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