CFD (Cool Futuristic Desktop) Limited Edition

This is my "Limited Edition) CFD

I watch a lot of anime. And some of my favorites are: Eve no Jikan, Ghost In The Shell, Denno Coil, Pale Cocoon, Vexille, Appleseed, Noein, Animetrix. They inspired me.

My advice, if you are into designing cool sci-fi futuristic GUI, watch more sci-fi anime. It doesn't matter how old you are. Anime are not made just for children. For example, regular children would not get "Noein: To Your Other Self", it's based on quantum physics.

Spread the word.

demo link


  1. nice.. do you plan on making this available to the public in some way?? tutorials or a download?? i'm relatively new to Linux and still cannot migrate completely to it.. i was surprised how limited of a choice we actually have when it comes down to the actual user interface considering that the possibilities are virtually infinite.. i've expected stuff like yours to be all around..
    great work..


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