lightweight Key Binding app


Keylaunch is a lightweight key binding app. It is useful if keys like your media player keys are not working, or use it for quick application launcher . It was difficult for me to find an how to for it. So, I will share with you what learned.

Installing keylaunch should be easy because it is already included in your repository. Install it like you install any other Linux apps from your repository. You use the terminal :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install keylaunch

Now add keylaunch in your auto start app list like in ./.xinitrc or ./.xsession or use your start up application.

Now here is how to use it. Create a file on your home directory like this:
gedit ./.keylaunchrc

Copy and past the following script:

#!/bin/sh -f
# Copy to $HOME/.keylaunchrc
# Format:
# key=...KeyName:Command
# KeyName is the name of the key you want to use. Find the KeyName using xev via your terminal
# Try your commands in the terminal first to see if they works
# ... No modifier
# *.. Shift
# .*. Ctrl
# ..* Alt
# Included my own key binding as examples

key=.*.2:conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc-tronn

key=.*.Delete:amixer set Master toggle
key=.*.Insert:amixer set Master 10dB+
key=.*.End:amixer set Master 5dB-


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